Sunday, 5 September 2010

Marmalade Pudding Cake

Nigella has a new book out. Hoorah! Just exactly my style of cooking and much more in the mould of her earlier tomes.

When I saw this recipe for Marmalade Pudding Cake I knew that I would have to have a go just as soon as a pudding opportunity presented itself. That opportunity was Sunday lunch yesterday or, as my elder son called it, the last barbecue of the year.

The only deviations from the recipe were the tin shape and the fact that I couldn't find the light muscovado sugar that I knew was in the cupboard somewhere. So soft light brown sugar was substituted and, naturally enough, the muscovado turned up seconds later.

It was good, in fact it was very good. Definitely recommended as a cake. If anyone of us were custard-eaters I think we would have rated it a bit higher. It definitely seemed to need something warming with it. Cream was OK though but I couldn't help comparing it with the Three Chimneys Marmalade Pudding which ranks up there as one of my favourite puddings of all time. It lacked the depth of that but it was still pleasantly tangy and pretty filling.

Be warned if you try it though. The batter was very stiff and heavy and you need pretty strong wrists to scrape it out of the food processor.

I shall be making this again. After all I do have an awful lot of homemade marmalade to use up.


  1. It looks great as a turned out cake, Jude. It would be hard to beat the Three Chimney's Pudding, but a cake should last a few days longer!

  2. I have still never made the Three Chimneys Pudding, although now Paul is keen to go because one of his colleagues goes twice a year for it.

    That looks like a very tasty substitute though!

  3. Well it won't last much longer because Chris offered a slice or two to the cleaner this morning . . . Definitely worth a try if you like marmalade though Sue.

    The trouble with the Three Chimneys one FC is that it's enormous. It uses a 3 pint bowl which is too deep for my largest saucepan. It is really good though.