Monday, 7 February 2011

Upside-down cheesecake

When I read this recipe in last Saturday's Guardian I thought it would do very nicely for supper on Sunday as we were due at least 2 of our offspring to be dining with us. In the event they went off to play squash and had a takeaway pizza. This sort of thing is normal chez Lark!

I thought the recipe promised much and the price of forced rhubarb has dropped a little, although cream cheese is pricey. Worth a punt though and better than a tin of mandarin oranges and a can of evaporated milk!

It was easy to make and it looked very pretty when I cut into it. (My photo of the inside does not do it justice, as per usual).

But. And it is a Big But. Mr Lepard's instruction to eat it straight from the oven or warm is So Wrong IMHO. The ginger crumbs and the rhubarb were lovely at that temperature but the filling was reminiscent of warm baby sick. (Our grandson has spent a lot of time with us this weekend so I know what I'm talking about here). My husband, aforementioned Mr Fussy Eater, thought it was horrible and even I had a problem with it.
On Monday we both ate it cold. And we both had a second portion. Fridged and set firm it was absolutely gorgeous.
So I have a new food on my "I don't like" list (which is a very small list and includes most goat cheese, gravy and Campari). Warm cheesecake. Bleeeurgh.


  1. A shame you didn't like it warm, but it seems easier to make than a conventional cheesecake, if you're not worried about appearances.

    I'm less excited about trying it, now!

  2. That is a very good tip! I have some cumquats in my veg box this week and I was thinking about making this with cumquat instead of rhubarb.