Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tapas Revolution

I am ashamed to say that it is over a month since my last offering here. I can only plead pressure of schoolwork. The Summer Term throws up a lot of extremely dull tasks such as report-writing, and I don't get out much!

And so it was a treat to allow myself out for a meal at Westfield with Foodycat and Sue.

Tapas Revolution sits right in the middle of the first floor of the main concourse at Westfield in possibly the most unaesthetically attractive situation I have dined at for a long time. Our bar seats afforded us an excellent view of some of the more recognisable chainstores but nevertheless John Lanchester of The Guardian had rated it very highly (although his comments re the awfulness of dining anywhere else at Westfield were undeserved). Jamie's Italian and Wahaca to name but two are more than decent eateries, and there isn't a McDonalds or KFC on site.

It was a very, very good meal. The boquerones were delicious, the pan con tomate a wonderful base, and the pig cheeks in sherry completely divine. I must certainly learn to make those - Morrision's are now competing with Waitrose in the pig cheeks stakes! The charcuteries was also top-class. I decided however that I was bored with patatas bravas - but that is possibly because it is the only tapas dish that I regularly make myself.

We finished with churros. Very tasty although their chocolate sauce IMHO didn't exceed the very special one you get at Wahaca.

But for me the unexpected highlight was a dish of Manchego cheese with Membrillo which I thought was just the perfect way to finish a meal. And I know that I will never get Membrillo like that round here. It was just lovely and matched the cheese beautifully.

The bill for 3 came in at £77. It included a bottle of very smooth Temperanillo.

I will definitely be back.  And I need to bag some quinces when they are around and have a go at Membrillo.

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  1. It really was excellent, wasn't it? The rib eye pinchos morunos were fab.