Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Two good puds

A roast chicken dinner was requested by my second daughter this week. She and the boyfriend were off on holiday the following day and it is her default favourite meal. As Josh and his girfriend were also going to be in I decided that I would be a bit (but only a bit) adventurous with the puddings. I had a few packets of almonds in the cupboard (OK so I had six!) and thought I would give Nigella's Strawberry and almond crumble from "Kitchen" a whirl. It was dead easy and it was absolutely gorgeous. Puddingy and jammy at the same time. I urge you to try it.

The second pudding was this Squidgy Chocolate Torte which I have mentioned before. Again pretty effortless but very tasty. Think chocolate brownies and you'll get the sort of texture. This was a Very Big Hit with the boyfriend (my daughter's, not mine). I'm told it freezes well too so I will try and make a couple more before the school holidays end.

It says something that both desserts had completely disappeared by lunchtime the following day!

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