Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lunch at Great Queen Street

I'm going to begin this blog with A Big Moan. I am very caffeine-intolerant. Twice I have been hospitalised after smallish doses. The effects are not pretty and very scary. I used to be a big coffee-lover but have had to wean myself off, and I succumb only to the occasional decaff if I really fancy that coffee taste. So when, after a fabulous meal, I am told by an embarrassed waiter that the chef "refuses to have decaff on the premises and suggests a herbal tea instead" then I think you may excuse me feeling more than a little miffed.

"Chef" needs to inspect his back passage. Nuff said.

I have not been to GQS for a good couple of years but Liz and I were at the National Gallery and so in the vicinity. (Both hugely disappointed in the much-hyped Da Vinci exhibition by the way)! I booked it because we had done Les Deux Salons to death and needed to be sure of a good lunch.

I don't know who Alexander is but the butter in my artichoke soup was exceedingly good, herby and pungent .

Liz thought her potted shrimps overdosed on butter. I put it down to the one-size-fits-all glasses that GQS still insist on using.

The main courses of plaice, and partridge were good too. I should apologise for always choosing plaice, or so it seems. Unfortunately it is usually the most unfattening thing on the menu and I have an Olympic Games to prepare for.

Homemade (non-alcoholic) ginger beer was refreshing if not exceptional. (I have given up booze for January at least).

The desserts were sensational! Seville orange sorbet was spot-on, being bitter-sweet yet fluffy. If I were a nit-picker I would say that the zesty bits were a bit chewy though.

The salted creme caramel was divine.

Our waiter, whose name I didn't catch, was excellent. Apparently people are always asking for decaff coffee and it makes his job quite embarrassing. But "Chef" will not be swayed. Am not sure if it still Tom Norrington-Davies but I seem to remember that one of the reasons I haven't been back was the coffee policy. Shame because the food and the cooking is ace.

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