Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cheesecake (1)

My family are big on cheesecake but not as big as I am. Felicity Cloake recently used the cheescake as one of her "Perfect" investigations and it has inspired me to try a few of my own. Today I decided to make the one she declared the best. Felicity's perfect cheesecake.

We started off well. I had the correct size tin and I had all the ingredients in bar the cheese and the sour cream. Once mixed and in the tin I was pleased with it.

When cooked, cooled in the oven and released from the tin the cheesecake was also "pleasing". The top had not cracked despite there being no bain-marie.

The problem came when I transferred it to the fridge. It kind of sighed and tried to escape over the edge of the plate. It had looked set, it obviously wasn't quite. Why? No idea. Here is the finished, not attractive, article.

Taste-wise it was fine according to the crew, and they quite liked the texture but there was one main criticism and I reckon that was totally down to Felicity. Unanimously they declared that the base was too thin and there just wasn't enough of it.


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  1. That's a shame; my cheesecakes are usually overbaked, but I guess that's better than it escaping off the plate! I usually use more biscuits than that, so I can understand your lot thinking the base was too thin.