Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cheesecake (3)

Shirley's cheesecake was the third to get an outing. I knew it would be good, because Shirley is a great cook, and she didn't let me down. It was dead easy, the only down point was when I looked in the microwave the next day and found all the solidifed butter spats! It seemed a lot of creme fraiche but it tasted lovely. The family made appreciative noises and said things like "This isn't your normal cheesecake, it's great".  Sometimes I don't know why I bother.

It was very wobbly after 30 minutes but I had faith, took it out and voilá, it worked,
and say what you like but I do think cheesecake is best cooked in a bain marie. Mine certainly are.

Here is Shirley's recipe as she wrote it, put here so that I can find it easily next time.

I aways use a bain-marie - no more cracked-top cheesecakes.

Here's mine for another comparison (and it really is mine - did it when I found I couldn't get sour cream here - works brill - is actually best cheesecake I've ever tasted. Modest, moi.)

8ozs crumbed dig biscs,
4 ozs butter melted in m/wave till beginning to brown - takes ages but gives lovely butterscotchy taste to base

400grms full fat cream cheese
50cl tub crème fraîche (30% or 15% fat - both work)
3 eggs
6ozs sugar
rind and juice of a lemon
teaspoon vanilla.
26cm tin - I use a fixed bottom one.

Mix cheese and crème till smooth, beat in sugar then eggs one at a time - gently - don't want too much air. then beat in lemon juice and vanilla and stir in rind.
Pour over buscuit base, bain-marie 30-35 mins at 175C. There will still be a real, real wobble in the centre. Cool and chill.

Number 1 son was very disappointed it wasn't an uncooked one with gelatine because that means he won't have a go at making it, silly boy (and him a trained chef as well).
The other pudding we had was Squidgy chocolate torte which I've blogged about before. Number 2 son and his girlfriend polished most of this off. Jade even tweeted about it. I am so proud!


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