Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday ramblings

I hoped to start this blog with a picture of a lovely rhubarb cake I made yesterday. Sadly I managed to burn the top and it certainly didn't look as good as it tasted. Here is the recipe. Take note of the comments re oven timings, in other words watch like a hawk.

The rhubarb was the first picking from the garden this year. We ate it as a warm pudding with vanilla ice cream and the remainder will do as this week's cake for Chris at lunchtime. Thank you Suelle for pointing out this recipe in your blog.

The blessed soon-to-be-discontinued SATs have enabled me to have Monday morning off. I shall mourn their passing! I am awaiting two phone calls today. One from the Doctor's surgery giving me a bollocking about the alcohol levels in my bloodstream, and the second from my stepmother giving me news of my dad's very slow progress following a hip replacement. I am on call to race up to North West Norfolk if needed.

Tonight's dinner will be Rigatoni sausage bake. The title sounds a bit grim I know but it is unbeatable as a family meal. The presence of fresh spinach, grated carrot and the grated celery stick I usually add, convinces me it's healthy enough as well. I am grateful to my friend Kim for passing it my way. (Looking at the picture it's clear it could have done with another 10 minutes in the oven).

I shall cheat and use ready-made cheese sauce. But that's because the school I visit on a Monday afternoon has not absented me from SATs and I shall be knackered.


  1. I made a coffee and walnut cake last week that both looked and tasted grim!

  2. You may not see too many photographs of "food I have created" on this blog. Presentation is not my forte. Usually stuff tastes OK though. What did you do to your cake?

  3. Welcome to blogging, Jude. The cake doesn't look burnt to me!

  4. Thanks Sue. Hope I can keep it up. It won't always be about food though.

  5. I was convinced the picture was of the cake - I need new lenses!

  6. Aha - SueS - all is clear now! You are more observant than I am. I too thought the picture was of the cake, and didn't read the paragraph about the sausage bake properly either!