Friday, 21 May 2010

The Norfolk adventure begins on Monday

The last three weeks have seen many twists in the "will we won't we" saga of going to Norfolk to look after my dad following his hip replacement on May 9th. But it's finalised. Even though dad is still in the Cottage Hospital I am off to take the first stint from Monday morning to Wednesday evening, my immediate task being to deliver his wife to Kings Lynn for the Eurostar journey to meet her new granddaughter in Paris.

The inmates here are grumpy about having to cook for themselves so I propose to leave a Crunchy Lemon Pie and some of Suelle's Brownies to assuage my guilt. The freezer is full of sausages, frozen veg, pies etc. and the larder is stuffed with healthy options but I fully expect them to have takeaways until my return.

Meanwhile Anne and I are to be given my stepmother's Waitrose card plus PIN number to cover all our expenses up there. Suspect this may be a Bad Move on dad's part! Still, it means our petrol is paid for - we both have to take unpaid leave - and it would be very rude not to take advantage of such a generous offer.

There is a bit of a snag if dad isn't out of hospital. Lovely though my dad's converted Wesleyan chapel is, there is no getting away from the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere and I am a bit afraid of the dark. I shall not have Ozzie to protect me as he is a wimp of a traveller and usually throws up before we've got to the end of our road. My stepmother reassures me that it is the lowest crime area in the country, their only brush with felony being when all 5 of their lawnmowers were stolen early one morning. (No. We don't know why my dad is so fixated on lawnmowers either).

Meantimes Anne has decided. Because it's an old chapel she thinks it's full of ghosts and has already decided to decamp to my aunt 4 miles away at bedtime.

This could be a very character-building venture. I am looking forward to his beautiful garden though.

And to eating whatever I fancy for once.


  1. The Waitrose faggots are very nice. And I can definitely recommend their dry-aged Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steaks and the raspberry pavlova icecream.

  2. Sounds like my idea of heaven - someone else paying for me to eat Waitrose food! LOL! Pleased to hear your step-niece(?) has arrived - hope everything is well there?

  3. Still not sure Sue. She passed whatever tests they did when she arrived but I don't think anything is conclusive. Apparently she always has to be woken up to be fed, which doesn't sound right. Will know more when my stepmother gets back.

    I'd forgotten about the Waitrose faggots Puzz. That is definitely something to go on the list.
    I just need to find my way around their kitchen now.

  4. As a postscript, my stepmother has managed to put screenwash into the brake fluid of their Nissan Note. My dad is now champing at the bit to get home and sort it out. Maybe this will spur him on!