Monday, 7 June 2010

Norfolk - Round 2

I haven't been deliberately tardy in blogging about this, I just found the whole episode very depressing so haven't felt much enthused to write.

I arrived just after lunch on the Saturday before last. Dad had taken himself off for a nap, Anne was packed and ready to go and my aunt and cousin had called in for a cup of tea.

Within 5 minutes we heard loud groans from his makeshift bedroom. He had fallen out of bed. Despite having strict instructions to always barricade himself in bed with chairs he evidently did not think that a nap constituted such measures. We got him up, which says much for our combined strength!!

The result, for the 4 subsequent days I was there, was an awful lot of complaining, coupled with a complete refusal to take further medical advice, and a general short-temperedness on both our parts. His mood didn't improve during Anne's final visit either and we have already discussed whether we may have been disinherited! My stepmother arrived home from Paris late on Saturday and my sister was quite pleased to see the bickering between them on the half hour journey home from the station. She felt it vindicated us!!

We are out of it now. The one good thing was that I managed to get time out to visit Cookie's Crab Shop, my favourite Norfolk smokehouse. I treated myself to a crab sandwich and bought some kippers to take back home to Chris who pronounced them exceptionally good.

But it was the only food treat of the week. With the possible exception of some lamb's liver, onions and bacon which I cooked for dad's Sunday dinner.

But it's true what they say. There's no place like home. *Clicks ruby slippers* And I have something to look forward to this week. Daniel and I are going to Wahaca on Friday.

Can't wait!!

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  1. I hope your Dad's fall didn't slow down his progress after the op. It's quite reassuring to find out that someone is as grumpy with everyone as they are with you, isn't it? Nothing personal - their personality defect!

    Enjoy your lunch.