Sunday, 27 June 2010

Harrow mess!

There are far too many things that I am not very good at cooking. Very near the top of the list is pavlova. However, being an optimist by nature I am always game for another go when I see a recipe I fancy, and I fancied this week's Waitrose recipe for Strawberry and Vanilla Pavlova from Delia very much indeed.

Despite my best efforts at getting little pointy bits right round the edge the pav came out of the oven looking like a cow pat. In fact looking like every other pavlova base I have ever made. It also stuck fast to the greaseproof paper base which was a new one for me!

The filling tasted absolutey gorgeous but made the base split as I piled it on.

Having a purée of some of the strawberries was a lovely idea and the whole thing went down really well here, after they'd stopped laughing at how it looked.

I still don't know whether I overbeat or underbeat but meringue continues to defeat me. It has been requested again so watch this space. I might just make one that looks as good as it tastes.


  1. It was edible - that's the main thing! Once it's portioned out, no-one sees how it looked.

    PS - were you really using greaseproof paper? Even Delia is modern enough to use baking parchment/paper now! ;-)

  2. I have an old box of greaseproof paper which I bought about 10 Christmas cakes ago. I've got baking parchment too, I think I just grabbed the first one. I may well sling it now!

  3. My pavlova sticks to baking parchment as well. Wretched things!

  4. Glad someone else is less than perfect Foodyvat, especially a native!!! It really bugs me that I have friends who don't cook much but who can turn up with a perfect pav.

    I do urge you to try this one though. It tasted so lovely. I will have another go soon. But not next weekend because I'm off to St John for Sunday lunch.