Saturday, 3 July 2010

Half-time saltimbocca

The Delia and Heston Recipe Collection continues at Waitrose and Half-time Saltimbocca was this week's offering. Now that England are out of the World Cup I am not following the football but we were playing the Aussies at Lords yesterday so there was, at least a sporting connection.

I haven't made all or indeed many of the recipes in the series but I have been tempted by several, not least Delia's disastrous Seafood Risotto. I bought all the ingredients but so far I haven't found any guinea pigs! Early in the series there was a good Bangers braised in cider which went down well here despite looking awfully beige.

The pork saltimbocca appealled for several reasons. My husband was due a treat. He has been decorating and tiling the bathroom for what feels like 6 months but may in fact only be 4 weeks. It is still not finished and he needs much encouragement to carry on. He has also cleared out the shed so that my spanking new chest freezer, which arrives this week, has somewhere to live. Now today I am off on a jolly with my chum Liz to the Rude Brittania Exhibition at Tate Britain. We are following this with Sunday lunch at St John, so clearly I also have a lot of guilt to assuage.

I grow sage in the back garden and I happened to have a quarter bottle of Marsala in the drinks cupboard. The pork tenderloin and the Parma ham were of course on offer so it worked out pretty cheaply. It was dead easy, worked perfectly, tasted great and even looked reasonable (for me). I thoroughly recommend it.

(Sorry about the pictures being in the wrong order - not sure why I can't move them about this time!)


  1. The end result looks very impressive! My branch of Waitrose only stocks the whole long narrow pork fillets, and although they probably could be used for the recipe, I don't think they would look as good.

  2. That looks really good! I bet Ozzie will be happy about your lunch at St John.

  3. That was a long narrow one Sue, cut into 6 and beaten flat underneath cling film.

    Lunch at St John was fab but I didn't have the bones this time Foodycat. Had chitterlings. Really fab!!!

  4. I have been inspired and mine have just gone into the fridge. They look very pretty but not as neat as yours