Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pregnant Jools' pasta

Jamie Oliver has a new TV series on Channel 4. I haven't seen the daily programme but they are being shown as an ominbus edition on Sunday afternoons. I could watch Jamie all day. He is so enthusiastic and also very uncheffy. And whatever he cooks I want to eat, apart from gravy.

I fell upon his recipe for Pregnant Jools's pasta. It looked right up my street. I love fennel seeds with pork, and the recipe was dead easy, especially after a long school day. A bit of light chopping and a lot of whizzing. However I did not rush around like Jamie, I was in no hurry and I did not make the pudding (we are on our 43rd apple crumble of the month) but did assemble the salad.

The ragu was just gorgeous. I hadn't expected the sweetness that the Balsamic vinegar gave it but it was lovely. The sourish bite of the salad complemented it magnificently. Chris of course didn't think much to it. The daughter quite liked it and took the remnants to feed the PE department at her school the next day. They loved it and have asked for a repeat performance!

I did take pictures but Jamie's look a whole lot better.

If you like gutsy food do try this recipe!!!


  1. I watched that episode on 4oD last night. I liked the look of it but I don't have a food processor, so the "wazzing" the veg and sausages wouldn't work for me!

  2. Well I suppose you could get busy with a couple of forks and a grater . . .

    Better still I'll invite you and Sue S round and I'll cook it for you. If you don't like it it will be Jamie's fault!