Sunday, 11 July 2010

Harrow success!

When I was in Tesco yesterday they had marked hundreds of punnets of raspberries down to around a quarter price. And they were very good raspberries indeed, Georgia, grown in Cambridgeshire.

I also bought a large flan case and tubs of mascarpone and fromage frais.

Those flan cases are very dry so I ladled about 6 tablespoonsful of Framboise liqueur on it so that it was nicely soaked. Then I made up the pavlova cream mixture that Delia used a couple of weeks ago - 250g mascarpone, 200g fromage frais, vanilla extract and a little caster sugar. Once the Framboise had been absorbed I spread the cream across the flan then added the raspberries.

The original idea was one of Shirley's, although I think she may have used sour cream instead of the fromage frais.

Is ever so easy, and ever so good.


  1. Looks good, too, Jude. As you know, I love a good bargain!