Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sam and Norm

Meet the two new loves of my life!

Our old AEG freezer has been a trusty servant but years of children not closing the door properly have caught up with it in recent times. The seal went, defrosting took an age and then needed redoing a month later. We couldn't afford a new freezer when we had the kitchen done a year ago but we made sure we left space for an American-style fridge freezer. The current fridge has never been satisfactory and was difficult to clean. So I was thrilled when my husband started looking at replacements. These fridge-freezers are not really big on freezer space so we bought a cheapish chest freezer which Chris installed in the shed next to the other old fridge which keeps our drinks cold. (Quite why he then decided to paint the wall green is not recorded). We filled that with the contents of the old freezer, emptied the fridge and waited for the Samsung.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is. I sit and look at it whenever I can. How sad is that?
And it has cold filtered water on tap too.

I feel a very large baking session coming on. And an ice cream-making session too. But best of all my tomatoes aren't going to get blight this year and all my garden produce will see us through the winter.

In my dreams . . .

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