Monday, 19 July 2010

Melba Pavlova - nearly!

In a school last week I happened upon a real gem. A CD of Dame Edna Everage narrating Peter and the Wolf and then Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. The YPG was what got me into music, a terrible, stuffy (to my ears now) version narrated by Britten's long-term partner Peter Pears. To say Dame Edna's version was refreshing is somewhat of an understatement possums. Fab!

Time to have another try at Delia's Pavlova. Never let it be said that I am a quitter

It worked better this time (although still no pointy bits). It seemed firmer, took up more ground space and I was almost pleased with it. But when I was about to fill it up I noticed that it had leaked/weeped. That's a new one on me. Hey ho, back to the drawing board.

I had a punnet of beautiful ripe nectarines from Lidl and 2 punnets of their raspberries. I chopped 3 of the nectarines (no peeling or blanching nonsense, they were too good) and mixed these with the contents of one of the raspberry punnets. These were tastefully arranged on Delia's mascarpone/fromage frais filling.

I pulverised the other punnet of raspberries with a couple of spoonsful golden caster sugar and added this sauce just before serving.

It was ever so good actually. You will have learnt by now that I don't do complicated puds.

I hope Dame Edna would be proud of the Australian fusion.

(Or maybe she thinks Pavs come from New Zealand)!

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  1. I have just made clotted cream ice cream so am making this pavlova with the left over egg whites. Wish me luck.